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The Wandering Bee - Our collaboration - SIX

How it all began.

Some months ago we were invited to a launch party at the new Josiah & Co where we met so many wonderful local makers and creators.

The shop is inside The World of Wedgewood and full of local artwork, candles, Jewellery, gifts and so much more - we could spend hours admiring the wonderful pieces made by local people.

We were introduced to one of the makers called The Wandering Bee and we instantly clicked, I honestly think that I saw something in Bee, the owner that reminded me of myself and I instantly new at some point in the future we would work together.

Bee and her partner Josh started TWB in 2021, based out of their kitchen, making a few candles each night in between their day jobs and looking after their daughter Callow, fast forward to today where Bee has given up her day job, employs a team member and has her own unit.

Bee, Josh and Callow - TWB

Working Together!

When we started our Keep It Local journey, it didn't take us long to realise that the secret to success isn't rocket science, some of it is luck, right place right time but what is key is that both personal growth and development, benefit your business in so many ways.

When you are an employee, learning, training and development are part of an average day, sitting with colleagues and picking up new skills without even realising is common place in the world of work. Now imagine working on your own, where you are not only the maker, the trader and the packer but also the social media team, the book keeper, the heavy lifter, you are your own advisor and manager, now imagine a world where small businesses can rely on each other to develop skills, share ideas and be each others cheerleaders - now that's a world that I would like to be apart of and that's exactly what we would like to create.

Product Collaboration

We love buying local goods, we always have and we really do have a soft spot for anything with synergies to our Home Town. Our intention is always to help and support the local businesses across Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire so what better way to promote their business while generating a small income both for ourselves and for our Keep It Local Team Work Project than launch a collaborative product.

Our First Collaboration

This is so very exciting for us, it makes us feel both honoured and proud that local brands like TWB would like to work directly with us, after all we are just a couple from Stoke with a love for our home regions.

SIX - The Staffordshire Range - TWB & Keep It Local Collab

You can find our candle for sale on our website where the 180g is £15.00 and the 300g is £21.00, purchasing this candle means that 2 families will directly benefit from the sale and you are making a contribution, to a project that works to keep small businesses thriving locally and encourages local people to take that first step in working for themselves. As 10% of profit sales will go directly into the Team Work project.

TWB and Future Collaborations

Our aim is to work together on a range of candles with TWB called 'The Staffordshire Range' highlighting the positives of a place that we love - keep your eyes peeled for the next candle in our collection.

We will also be working with brands across all 3 counties and hope that with each collaboration we get to promote the positives of Keeping It Local.



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