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Ever thought about Body Confidence?

As a woman the other side of 40 I have often thought back to my teenage years and wished I had been happy with how I looked at the time, I recall at even a dress size 10 comparing myself to others and wishing for a flatter tummy!

It dawned on me as I watched my own daughters reach adolescence and beyond that no matter what stage of life we are at - we are never happy and content to accept our own beauty.

What is also true is that it took me to reach well into my adult years to actually realise that beauty is word we use to describe someone's appearance when actually beauty really does come from within. You can have the perfect figure, skin tone, hair, cheek bones etc but without a soul that comes from a good place or a kind heart or a willingness to be humble it cannot be true beauty.

Just recently I went on my own journey to discover my own beauty and become body confident. Becky from Lilith reached out and we agreed to collaborate, Becky gifted me the opportunity to have the experience which involved Becky taking photographs of me in a beautiful spot in Shropshire whilst I lay in fields of Bluebells in my best frocks, underwear.

Gifted Photograph courtesy of Lilith Body-Positive Photography

Not only did I feel like a Goddess throughout the whole experience but I also felt like I had been through a transformation. I felt a new confidence for myself that I had never experienced before and while I will always have hang-ups I now recognise that these so called floors make me who I am.

Lilith body-positive photography can be found at www.lilithbodypositivephotography,com

Becky has kindly offered Keep It Local followers £100 off this experience - just mention Keep It Local when booking.

To watch our collaboration experience please head over to @keep_it_local21

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