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10 Reasons to Shop Local - Welcome to our World of 'Keep It Local 21'.......

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Hello and Welcome to our world.....

Now don't get me wrong we all live in the real world where convenience can be king, life is so very busy and our family is no different from most other families, working full time amongst running a house, demands of teenagers, hobbies, meeting with friends so sometimes convenience and practicality becomes the overriding choice.

However when we are able to choose between shopping local and a national conglomerate - do we always make the right choice?

We are Andy and Laura, we live on the Staffordshire, Cheshire border and for the last year we have chosen to always choose local where possible.

It's not always been this way, in our 21 year marriage, 3 children and a dog meant life has lent itself to take what we always thought was the cheaper or quicker option, how wrong could we have been. After prioritising shopping locally we have discovered that value for money and customer service is streets ahead when you buy from a local business.

Our favourite gift cards: Flying Teaspoons

Take buying a Birthday card, we have discovered some amazing local makers, our favourite being Flying Teaspoons from Staffordshire @flying_teaspoons. The alternative would be to buy a card from a High Street Retailer, now I love giving and receiving cards and the cost of a card from Flying Teaspoons is in line with the major retailers but you are getting a unique design, that has been lovingly put together, quality at the centre, purchased directly from the maker with made in Staffordshire on the back.

Feeling like you are contributing directly to a local business means that you are contributing directly to a local individual, a local employer, a local dream.

Top 10 reasons we shop local

  1. Keeping cash in the local economy: By shopping local we are keeping money in the local area, a local business owner is more likely to spend their profits in the local area and so the cycle continues.

  2. Local employment: Spending money with a local business allows the business to grow and recruit from the local area.

  3. Not paying towards shareholders second homes: Lets face it, I would much prefer my money to go directly to a local family than towards the already huge profits some of the large retailers report.

  4. Unique Pieces: Have you seen some of what the local makers and creators are selling? Unique products that in some cases are handmade.

  5. Only the best customer service: Dealing directly with the business owner often means their business is an extension of themselves, going above and beyond to provide a service where they gain repeat customers and a strong reputation.

  6. Happy Dance: Its a fact that when a small business owner makes a sale they are so pleased that they do a happy dance.

  7. Dream: Assisting someone in your local area to achieve their dream of running their own business gives you a feel good factor of supporting local people.

  8. Charity - Local business owners are more likely to donate to a local charity.

  9. Environment - Shopping local can mean less travel, contributing to reducing your carbon footprint.

  10. The bigger picture - Shopping locally means increased footfall into the local area, which means increased investment that leads to more people wanting to visit.

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