Andy & Laura aka Keep It Local!


Hello and welcome to our world!

We have always loved to spend our hard-earned cash in the local economy. Born and bred Stokies, we are passionate about local heritage, local business and local people.

Having been married for over 20 years, living on the Staffordshire, Cheshire border we have 3 grown up children and our Shar Pei cross Jack.

In 2021 Andy started an Instagram page, posting infrequent local food and drink posts (primarily local beer) after a very short time the page had over 300 followers and that's when I (Laura) realised that Andy had captured something special!  From September 2021 we dedicated our weekends and evenings to Keep It Local.

The page has seen huge growth and after building a network of wonderful local brands and businesses, the idea to work closely with these businesses to create unique geographically based products together whilst building and contributing to a wider community based project became a reality.

Our mantra is, to inspire and encourage people to shop local, to promote collaboration and show that working together is so much better than working in isolation and to create a platform for local businesses to network with each other and to support and encourage local people to take those first steps into running their own small business.

Our services include our shop, where we have collaborated with local small businesses on unique products, keeping our local regions at the heart of the designs. We hope to showcase a range of makers to promote the wonderful talent that we have.

Our markets - the aim is to support and increase footfall to an existing local business whilst providing a new platform for small local businesses to grow their brands.

Our Keep It Local 21 Networking events aim to help both existing and new businesses extend their knowledge and to take their first step into business by collaboration and creating a Community.